Creative minds we don't want to miss

Renowned photographers, stylists, illustrators, writers, product designers and many more smart and creative minds enrich our magazines Luna, Luna mum and Luna Journal as contributors constantly. We hereby would like to thank them for their inspiring work and would like to take the chance to introduce some of them to you.


Francesca Bartoli

Francesca Bartoli loves children’s fashion. That this scene has developed so quick and versatile makes the stylist very happy. With her feeling for colours and textiles she already styled for labels such as Mini Boden or Ted Baker. In Luna mum 23 the photographer provides with her baby photo gallery that chubby faced babies meet origami beings and that strong colours can be merged with knitwear, plaids and linen. Bartoli is mother of two children.

Here you can find out more about Francesca Bartoli and her work as stylist.

Kai Lüftners

Does the creativity of Kai Lüftners have a limit? After books as “Das Kaff der guten Hoffnung”(2014) and brilliant music albums, thrilling audio books or funny concerts the all-rounder has now published the creepy book “Die Finsternis”. It’s getting spooky and maybe the parents should not read it, as it’s too scary for them. Other than Lüftner and his small fans because they are bullies which are not to frighten.

For Little Luna 58 the author gives exclusive author tips for those who want to write their first own book.
To find out more about Kai Lüftners click here.


Karoline Rigaud

Karoline Rigaud has grown up in Paris, but lived half of her life in Germany, from those ten years in Berlin. She works for advertising agencies and publishing houses, graphic artists and illustrators. In her free time she loves painting posters and observing people and their habits.

Among others Luna mum 20 has been produced under her direction as art director. Apart from her creativity and the cute French accent she is known for her easiness.

Here you can find out more about Karoline Rigaud.

Melanie Rodriguez

The photographer Melanie Rodriguez has a view for extraordinary atmospheres this is quite decidedly if you photograph children. For Luna 57 she produced the cover picture and the fashion line “Summer Lovin” – both make you want summer, sun and sea.

Melanie is born and raised in France and studied at the Parisian Art Academy Gobelins. Since 2009 she photographs campaigns for international fashion labels and magazines.

Visit her website to find out more about the photographer.

tjitske van leeuwen

Tjitske van Leeuwen

At 25 degrees outside temperature beginning of September it’s already hart to get in a Christmas mood. The photographer Tjiske van Leeuwen at least put a filter over the photo so that the setup with Anne van der Meulen and Tilly Hazenberg looks more winterly. The wonderful winter wonderland that the trio has created can be admired in Luna 59 starting on page 92.

Here you can learn more about Tjitske van Leeuwen.