The new Luna 66 is out now!

The new Luna 66 is out now!


With its spring edition Luna cheerfully begins the new year. With What is hygge? we take a look at the Danish way of parenting. As Denmark has for many years been considered among the world’s happiest nations, it can be assumed that the happiest children are also to be found in Denmark. Reason enough to see what we can learn from our neighbours. All tips and tricks from page 66.

Fashion-wise we take you on a journey through our favourite holiday-destinations. We present new looks from Italy, France, Spain and Scandinavia. Moreover we let you in on new emerging trends from around the world. Spoiler alert: Unicorns will go out of style eventually. Be ready for fresh fruit, new patterns and farm themes.

We continue nature themed on the topic of early education. More and more parents send their children to forest nurseries thus enabling them to play outside all day long. We report on the renaissance of the forest as a place of longing and tranquility. To find out, what this trend is about and how children can benefit from a grazed knee every now and then, read from page 70.


Interior – Discover the inside of an ancient villa

Food – A plea for cooking with children

Travel – Winter holidays in the alps

And much more…

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The new Luna 65 is out now!

The new Luna 65 is out now!

Look forward to our Luna Christmas edition with lots of gift ideas for the whole family, traditions from other countries and creative recipes for the Christmas dinner. In our home story it will also be festive: the danish interior designer Karina Mortensen shows how she has made her townhouse cosy and gives some tips for a beautiful winter decoration.

In fashion it’s all about warm outfits for the cold winter days. For all those who have wanderlust and desire for an adventure, we show a trip through Arizona for the whole family.

Other topics of this issue: Interior design psychology: What parents need to consider when they start to furnish the children’s room, dolls-fever – we talk about the tradition of this toy classics and show the latest products.

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The new Luna 64 is out now!

The new Luna 64 is out now!

The Luna „Back to school“ -issue presents the trends for F/W 2017.What’s new for fall and how can styles be combined to create a new look? Furthermore the „Interior Special“ offers inspiring ideas and helpful tips for the furnishing and decoration of children’s rooms.
The „Luna Travel“ supplement takes you to our favorite family destinations for your winter vacation. Wether you are seeking for fun in the snow or longing for the warmth of the sun to escape the cold northern winter – the Luna travel experts have found the best destinations for family travel.

New Look – Makeover for the children’s room
Painting, arranging, decorating. For design-oriented parents, the children’s room is a great project. Luna supplies 20 pages of inspiration for all those who want to have a small or complete children’s room makeover.

Where does bullying begin? Experts explain how conflicts can be solved
Bullying is still an undefined problem for which there are no concrete solutions. Luna has investigated what forms of bullying are known and what what affected people can do about it.

The new Luna 64 is now available in stores and online!

The new Luna 63 is out now!

The new Luna 63 is out now!

Finally the temperatures are rising and we can celebrate outdoor living. Spanish lifestyle can be our inspiration for this time of the year. Spain is a hotspot for trends in fashion as well as in design and interior. Luna #63 takes you on a summer journey to Spain: we show the playful children’s fashion, Mediterranean interior inspirations and present newcomer brands from Spain! Further more we presents some cool beach looks and sport styles for the summer!

Summer time is travel time: We have a checklist for the car and entertainment tips for the road. And for those who are still looking for a great travel destination, Luna explores the west coast of Spain.

Luna will get you in a holiday mood.

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Luna wins Deichmann Shoe Step Award

On 17 May 2017, shoe retailer DEICHMANN hosted the 6th Shoe Step Award at the Curiohaus in Hamburg. With seven categories, the Shoe Step Award honours fashion editors and bloggers who have presented shoes in an inspiring context.

Luna has won the first place in the Family Magazine category for its photo-production “Schuhper Cool!”

The expert jury included Sascha Gaugel, Andreas Ortner, Simone Reiner, Ulrich Effing, and Andreas Conze. This year, they awarded the Family Magazine prize to Luna for a photo-production. The spring shoe spread for the May / June 2016 edition was produced by Sandra Friebel (fashion editor) and Andrej Dallmann (photographer). The lively illustrations are by Karo Rigaud.

“We are delighted to receive this wonderful accolade from the Shoe Step Award and the appreciation of the team’s creative achievement. At Luna, it always gives us a great pleasure to produce new ideas and set new standards. For this photo-production, we collaborated with the illustrator Karo Rigau, whose work we have long valued and admired,”said Uli Morant, editor-in-chief of Luna.



(Pictures: Deichmann, Slider: Andrej Dallmann)


The new Luna 62 is out now!

The new Luna 62 is out now!

Temperatures are rising and finally spring is coming. The barefoot season is close by and warm days call for new shoes. In the big shoes special Luna shows the most beautiful trends for children’s feet.

Out into the wild: the outdoor season starts and the children can finally play outside, bike tours have to be planned and Luna has ideas for a picnic outside. The automotive special shows the best family cars, car seats for children and all about the topic mobility in family life.

Cool dads: Moritz Bleibtreu and Lucas Gregorowiez talked to Luna about relaxed education.

Further topics of this issue: Smart storage solutions for children’s treasures, the best hotels for family vacation and the most beautiful hiking tours in the Allgäu region.

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The new Luna 61 has arrived

The new Luna 61 has arrived

Luna welcomes the fashion Spring with graphic patterns, classic stripes and cool biker looks. Ready for school? For all those who are already excited about the first day at school as first grader, we present the latest school bags and all the beautiful and practical things that belong to the beginning of the school.

Fit for the future
All parents are concerned about what they want to give their children as qualifications for the future. Luna asked parents about the values that they want to give their children along the way.

Get out into the green!
Family happiness in field and garden! Two times country love: One family regularly grows their own vegetables on a leased piece of field. The other family bought a leisure house in the country side.

Supplement with travel special
The special edition „Luna Travel Supplement“ puts you already in the mood for the next family holiday. We present beautiful, exclusive and extraordinary destinations that are perfect for a family holiday. The bandwidth ranges from hiking holidays to pleasure holidays for young and old up to adventure trips and sports holidays.

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The new Luna 60 has arrived!

The new Luna 60 has arrived!

In the new Luna edition we have met interesting and inspiring people for an interview. The father of five children and celebrity chef Jamie Oliver talks about his turbulent family life, actress Chrisitane Paul explains how she manages her daily life as working mum and Maria and Mau describe why they travel with their kids as nomads around the world.

Even if Spring is still war away Luna already presents the fashion news for the upcoming season. Bohemian, New Preppy, Boyish or Dip Dye are the fashion trends for spring/summer 2017 collections.

For everyone who has wanderlust we show that the carribean is also the perfect travel destinitation for a family trip.

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The new Luna 59 is out now!

The new Luna 59 is out now!

The large Christmas – Special tunes us to the most beautiful of all children’s parties. Luna studied the wish lists of all the family members and has chosen the most original gift ideas – let’s get inspired. We present classic toys that our parents already played with and which are a safe remedy against boredom. Further more Luna presents festive children’s outfits, the most delicious cookie recipes for all ages, the most beautiful children’s beds and furnishing ideas and destinations for long-distance journeys for families. Last but not least we have again a big Luna Christmas raffle with lots of great prices.

Gift ideas for Christmas
Christmas is coming. But who’s getting what? With our gift ideas for the whole family you can be sure that everyone will be happy under the christmas tree.

Interview with the actress Alexandra Maria Lara
In the film version of the classical children book „Robbi, Tobbi und das Fliewatüüt“ Alexandra Maria Lara and Sam Riley are also a couple in front of the camera. We met them for an interview.

Everyone loves Fiete
As hero of an app the sympathic sailor Fiete goes through a lot of adventures. We visited the inventors and questioned about Fiete.

Winter Wonderland
Delicious desserts with decoration in white and silver: In the new Luna we have great ideas for the cold season with the best recipes.

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The new Luna 58 has arrived!

The new Luna 58 has arrived!

The summer holidays are over for almost everyone and we are expecting a golden autumn and a happy school start.

Back to cool!
At the schoolyard we see stripes, plaids and graphic prints and not to forget a bit of hipster coolness. Let’s get inspired by the sporty stylish combinations.

Good moms, bad moms
What is actually a good mother? Who determines the criteria? We talk to the actresses Mila Kunis and Kathryn Hahn, who play the bad moms in their new movie.

Break in Apulia
Apulia is a wonderful travel destination especially in late summer! We have prepared the highlights of this region for you.

Creative snacks for lunch
The look into the lunch box can be decisive for the further course of the day. We present healthy recipes for delicious sandwiches and snacks.

Decorating tips for the children’s room
For all the ones who are searching for decoration ideas will find it in the new Luna. We have furniture, toys, and decoration for everyone so that the kids feel good in their room.

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