Out Now: Luna 81

Out Now: Luna 81

These and other topics await you in the booklet:

Trends from children’s fashion, sustainable children’s clothing, beautiful things for the house party, wild pattern mix and casual outfits for every day

“I’m soooo bored…” Great, thinks our columnist Alexa Hennig von Lange and explains why parents should not make suggestions against boredom.

Sugar allowed: How to educate “healthy eaters”
Beyond the horizon: What children in other countries eat

Move it: Indoor and outdoor activity games
Sandpiper: DIY ideas for days at the sea

School start: Nice accessories for ABC shooters
Sleep-Over: Camping adventure at home

and many other topics!

Out now: Luna mum 39!

Out now: Luna mum 39!

These and other topics await you in the booklet.

KURZ & BÜNDIG – Cool outfits for expectant mothers

BABYMODE: The most beautiful dungarees, cool ocean prints and cheeky fruits

WANTING CHILDREN: What does the desire for children mean for

MENTAL LOAD: Why so much organization
mothers get stuck

MY SPECIAL CHILD: Living with Down syndrome

LOCKDOWN BABIES: Mothers talk about the birth and the first time with child during the corona crisis

MONEY TALK: Parental allowance and Co. – Families must consider that now

WORK-LIFE-BALANCE: Clean-up guru Marie Kondo explains what is important when working in the home office

BEACH LIFE: The right equipment for the beach

HOME STORY: Chloé lives with her family in the middle of Paris

YUMMY, BABY! Healthy recipe ideas for babies

CAMPINGTRIP WITH BABY: Cool accessories and the
best tips for a relaxing holiday

BABY CARRIAGE PURCHASE: The most important points to keep everything running

Out Now: Luna 80

Out Now: Luna 80

Kids fashion: Happy Looks!

In the new edition of Luna we celebrate the sun – with romantic dresses, cool streetwear, 70s trends and nostalgic Riviere styles. Plus: shoes and accessories that make every look complete.

New outfit for the kids’ room

With just a few decoration ideas you can create a whole new living experience. We have tips for a quick re-styling, which doesn’t cost much but has a great effect.

Quick and safe on the road

Cycling is particularly enjoyable at the moment. The weather is perfect and even with the little ones you can cover longer distances.
Of course you need the right vehicle for this. In the new Luna you’ll find the right bike for every age group – and lots of cool accessories,
from bike helmets to the coolest bell, everything is included!

Little garden happiness

Bless him who now has his own garden. The ideal place to have a bit of variety yourself and the children a lot of fresh air.
We visited two families in their allotment garden idyll. And on top of that there is a big special about barbecuing with lots of ideas from eating to playing outside

Out now: Luna mum 38!

Out now: Luna mum 38!

Babies who are regularly breastfed and carried in the arms are more balanced and have a better immune system. But even for us adults, physical contact works like a small boost for the immune system. In the new Luna mum 38 you can read everything about why touch is so important in the topic “Hug!

In addition, we present practical buggies for on the road which are characterised by one thing above all: they are all light and agile.

In America it is not uncommon for couples to get their “little luck” through a surrogate mother. Celebreties such as Nicole Kidman, Sarah Jessica Parker or Cameron Diaz are a good example. In Germany it is forbidden to have a child carried by a surrogate mother. You can read all about this exciting topic in the new Luna mum 38, and of course you will also find colourful spring maternity styles, sports for mum and baby and beautiful Mother’s Day gifts…

Out Now: Luna 79

Out Now: Luna 79

OUT NOW – The new Luna!

fashion & lifestyle

We are eagerly waiting for spring… so we are showing DIY ideas for small garden projects at home, have collected suggestions for Easter gifts and are presenting lots of colourful fashion.

dream job dollmaker

Maja Hommel shows us how happy a craft can make us. The studied architect has been making dolls for children under her label Moyoh for years. She attaches great importance to sustainability…

School – Do we expect too much from our children?

Unfortunately, the optimisation mania does not stop at our own children. Families are investing more and more money in extra-curricular tutoring. The educationalist Joseph Kennedy takes a very critical view of this and warns against acting out a wrongly understood principle of achievement in the children.

Travel tips for families

And for all those who want to be inspired for the summer holidays, there is our big travel special “Luna Travel”.

These and other exciting topics await you at Luna 79.

Out now: Luna mum 37!

Out now: Luna mum 37!

Spring is coming – and with it cool styles for the new season. And the new 2020 pram models are available to go with it: in trendy shades of green, with rose-gold details or in powdery pink: the choice is huge. We also present clever helpers for the first nursery, which make everyday life with baby easier.

Out Now: Luna 78

Out Now: Luna 78

Children’s fashion: That’s coming in 2020!

In the new issue of Luna we show you a preview of the coming spring/summer collections. We see blue, love cool nerds in corduroy and knitwear and are into sporty looks. Plus: sneakers in bright colours. Furthermore, experts from the fashion industry reveal their upcoming highlights.

Bright colours in the kids’ room!

Green, blue or yellow – colours in all shades are slowly replacing the neutral colours in the children’s room. We show the trends for this year.

Encouraging and understanding children

Genius or super talent: 5 children who do something special – from playing drums to riding a motorbike!
School sports: This is what good sports lessons should look like – Interview with sports professor Dr. Petra Guardieria
Learning is fun: How to motivate your children to learn at home and do their homework

Extra supplement: Pet special

Our supplement is all about animal friends! We show kids with their more unusual pets, pet cafés in Japan and accessories for cats & co.

The new Luna mum Special 2020 is out now!

The new Luna mum Special 2020 is out now!

“Hurray, I’m pregnant!” – And no sooner do parents get this happy news than questions come up, question after question. What are we gonna name our baby? What do we have to do before the birth? Where will the delivery take place? And who will accompany the mother during the birth?

There are many things to think about and discuss. The new Luna mum Special provides tips and suggestions on the most important topics from initial equipment to packing the hospital bag, from birth support to the puerperium.

It also provides inspiration on what, for example, should not be missing at the changing table or how to furnish the first nursery for the baby. In a large overview you will learn everything about the latest pram models and get an impression which one might suit you and your everyday life with baby.

There are lots of things to get hold of until the sweet new family member arrives. But: Is there anything better than shopping for little baby shoes, rompers, bodysuits and caps? Or to think about which bassinet or which cot fits best into the new children’s room? The anticipation increases with every day.

In order to give you an overview of all the new products for pregnancy and baby, we have researched everything that is available on the subject of “initial equipment” in the mum Special. Here you will find tips, suggestions and recommendations from baby food warmers to diaper bags, from breast pumps to baby wipes, from the first toys to sibling prams.

Out now: Luna mum 36!

Out now: Luna mum 36!


Die Winterstyles werden bestimmt durch die Trendfarbe Blau, edle Klassiker und kuschelige Capes. Außerdem gibt es festliche Outfits für Mama und Baby, genau der richtige Glamour für die Feiertage. In unserer Babystrecke stellen wir die schönsten Stricklooks vor, die ganz bestimmt warm halten und sich kuschelweich an die zarte Babyhaut schmiegen.
Wie beeinflusst Meghan Markle die britische Babymode? Dem gehen wir in der Modereportage nach und zeigen mit welche Looks für Baby Archie die Herzogin für Furore in den Social Medias sorgt und die Abverkäufe mancher Labels steigert.

Außerdem in der Luna mum 36:

Beauty mit Starpotential: Immer mehr Celebrities launchen eigene Kosmetiklinien. Wir stellen einige davon vor.
Schnell wieder schön: Niemand erwartet, dass man ein paar Tage nach der Geburt einen Modelcontest gewinnt. Aber man fühlt sich einfach besser, mit ein wenig Rouge auf den Wangen, oder? Wir zeigen schnelle Beautytricks, die auch im Wochenbett den nötigen Glamour geben.
Baby Shiatsu: Das Kleine ist unglücklich und jammert die ganze Zeit. Vielleicht ist Baby-Shiatsu das Richtige für euch. Mit sanften Handgriffen lassen sich Blähungen und Bauchzwicken schnell in den Griff bekommen.
Mutter-Kind-Kur: Eine Expertin erklärt, wie der Erholungsaufenthalt in einer Kurklinik für Mama und Kind zum Erfolg wird. Außerdem gibt es hilfreiche Tipps gegen Burn-out und die schönsten Reiseziele für eine “Mummy-Time-Out”.