Out now: Luna mum 39!

Out now: Luna mum 39!

These and other topics await you in the booklet.

KURZ & BÜNDIG – Cool outfits for expectant mothers

BABYMODE: The most beautiful dungarees, cool ocean prints and cheeky fruits

WANTING CHILDREN: What does the desire for children mean for

MENTAL LOAD: Why so much organization
mothers get stuck

MY SPECIAL CHILD: Living with Down syndrome

LOCKDOWN BABIES: Mothers talk about the birth and the first time with child during the corona crisis

MONEY TALK: Parental allowance and Co. – Families must consider that now

WORK-LIFE-BALANCE: Clean-up guru Marie Kondo explains what is important when working in the home office

BEACH LIFE: The right equipment for the beach

HOME STORY: Chloé lives with her family in the middle of Paris

YUMMY, BABY! Healthy recipe ideas for babies

CAMPINGTRIP WITH BABY: Cool accessories and the
best tips for a relaxing holiday

BABY CARRIAGE PURCHASE: The most important points to keep everything running