Out Now: Luna 79

Out Now: Luna 79

OUT NOW – The new Luna!

fashion & lifestyle

We are eagerly waiting for spring… so we are showing DIY ideas for small garden projects at home, have collected suggestions for Easter gifts and are presenting lots of colourful fashion.

dream job dollmaker

Maja Hommel shows us how happy a craft can make us. The studied architect has been making dolls for children under her label Moyoh for years. She attaches great importance to sustainability…

School – Do we expect too much from our children?

Unfortunately, the optimisation mania does not stop at our own children. Families are investing more and more money in extra-curricular tutoring. The educationalist Joseph Kennedy takes a very critical view of this and warns against acting out a wrongly understood principle of achievement in the children.

Travel tips for families

And for all those who want to be inspired for the summer holidays, there is our big travel special “Luna Travel”.

These and other exciting topics await you at Luna 79.