The new Luna mum Special 2020 is out now!

The new Luna mum Special 2020 is out now!

“Hurray, I’m pregnant!” – And no sooner do parents get this happy news than questions come up, question after question. What are we gonna name our baby? What do we have to do before the birth? Where will the delivery take place? And who will accompany the mother during the birth?

There are many things to think about and discuss. The new Luna mum Special provides tips and suggestions on the most important topics from initial equipment to packing the hospital bag, from birth support to the puerperium.

It also provides inspiration on what, for example, should not be missing at the changing table or how to furnish the first nursery for the baby. In a large overview you will learn everything about the latest pram models and get an impression which one might suit you and your everyday life with baby.

There are lots of things to get hold of until the sweet new family member arrives. But: Is there anything better than shopping for little baby shoes, rompers, bodysuits and caps? Or to think about which bassinet or which cot fits best into the new children’s room? The anticipation increases with every day.

In order to give you an overview of all the new products for pregnancy and baby, we have researched everything that is available on the subject of “initial equipment” in the mum Special. Here you will find tips, suggestions and recommendations from baby food warmers to diaper bags, from breast pumps to baby wipes, from the first toys to sibling prams.