The new Luna 72 is out now!

The new Luna 72 is out now!

Trend Preview

These are our favourite looks for 2019: Exotic Paradise, Beachlife, Vichy-Karos, Statement-Prints & Flowers.

In this issue we welcome spring with layered looks, look at children’s fashion labels from Scandinavia to fall in love with and show many more highlights from the world of children’s fashion.

Also in the magazine:

Working with pleasure: Why this is possible in Scandinavia is revealed to us by happiness researcher Maike van den Boom.

With a love of detail: Living happiness in the middle of Paris. Smallable founder Cécile Rogederer lets us take a look at her cosy home.

My life with seven children: How does an extended family work? A mother tells us how you manage to organize so many children and at the same time achieve your own goals.

Hotspot in Southern France: With children in Marseille. THE hotspot in the south of France is the perfect destination for the whole family.


We wish you lots of fun with the new Luna!


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