The new Luna 68 is out now!

The new Luna 68 is out now!

Summer has finally arrived! It’s been long enough!

Our new issue provides you with all the latest trends for children’s wear and the kid’s bedrooms. Put aside your greys and get your hands on some summery colors. From rich blue to bright yellow to olive green – there’s something for every taste!

A special focus is set to the most beautiful kid’s shoes. Whether it’s casual sneakers for the little adventurers or airy, but stylish sandals – perfect for the upcoming season.

For our photo spread/feature “Kleine Schatztruhe” we traveled back in time to rediscover and reinterpret old trends. Get inspired and start looking for some old treasures in your grandmother’s closet.

The royal nanny – we give you an insight of the super-nanny’s education at Nordland College at what qualifies them.


Quick help with sunburn, mosquito bites & Co. as well as a behind the scenes look on the set of “Early Man”.

Our automotive special will guide you through the world of family cars. We reveal to you which car suits whom and what not to miss when you’re on the road. For sporty parents we have an overview of strollers that are perfect to jog or hike with.


Enjoy the sunny weather with our magazine!


Order now the Luna 68.