The new Luna 66 is out now!

The new Luna 66 is out now!


With its spring edition Luna cheerfully begins the new year. With What is hygge? we take a look at the Danish way of parenting. As Denmark has for many years been considered among the world’s happiest nations, it can be assumed that the happiest children are also to be found in Denmark. Reason enough to see what we can learn from our neighbours. All tips and tricks from page 66.

Fashion-wise we take you on a journey through our favourite holiday-destinations. We present new looks from Italy, France, Spain and Scandinavia. Moreover we let you in on new emerging trends from around the world. Spoiler alert: Unicorns will go out of style eventually. Be ready for fresh fruit, new patterns and farm themes.

We continue nature themed on the topic of early education. More and more parents send their children to forest nurseries thus enabling them to play outside all day long. We report on the renaissance of the forest as a place of longing and tranquility. To find out, what this trend is about and how children can benefit from a grazed knee every now and then, read from page 70.


Interior – Discover the inside of an ancient villa

Food – A plea for cooking with children

Travel – Winter holidays in the alps

And much more…

The new Luna 66 is now available in stores and online at!

The new Luna mum Special is out now!

The new Luna mum Special is out now!


„Hooray, we are having a baby!” – as soon as the joyous news have been announced, a thousand questions pop up. On the one hand, there are essential questions such as: What should we name our child? Which parenting style is right for us? How are our lives going to change? It is a new life stage after all, becoming a family after having been a couple. There is so much to discuss!

On the other hand, there are the practical questions: What do we need to buy before the baby is born? Where do we find the perfect baby carriage and does it even fit in our car? Where does the changing table go?

There are so many things to take care of, before the new arrival to the family. But honestly: It there anything more beautiful than purchasing baby shoes, romper suits and tiny little hats? Or imagining the perfect baby room? The anticipation increases along with the nesting instinct.

To provide you with an overview of the latest news on the topic of pregnancy and baby, Luna mum Special has researched all you need to know about baby “equipment”. Here you can find tips, ideas and recommendations from bottle warmer to changing bag.