The new Luna mum 28 is out now!

The new Luna mum 28 is out now!

The winter edition of the Luna mum is packed with gift ideas for the whole family, cosy looks for mum and baby and care products for the cold season. In the cold season, fleecy knitwear joins silk, lurex and velvet. We show the highlights of winter fashion for pregnant women and prove that wool can look very cool!

In addition, author Rike Drust reports ironically and humorously about what makes the second pregnancy so special and how the dynamics in her family have changed since they were four. Their conclusion: With the second child everything gets even better!

Hold on while breastfeeding!
Many mothers give up breastfeeding because there are often problems at the beginning. Breast milk is regarded as the optimum food for babies. Experts explain why perseverance is worthwhile and mothers report on their experiences.

Recipes for the post-birth puerperium
After childbirth, mothers need warm, invigorating food. It is not a matter of working again as quickly as possible, but of giving the body the peace and quiet it needs after birth. These recipes provide the necessary energy.

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