The new Luna 61 has arrived

The new Luna 61 has arrived

Luna welcomes the fashion Spring with graphic patterns, classic stripes and cool biker looks. Ready for school? For all those who are already excited about the first day at school as first grader, we present the latest school bags and all the beautiful and practical things that belong to the beginning of the school.

Fit for the future
All parents are concerned about what they want to give their children as qualifications for the future. Luna asked parents about the values that they want to give their children along the way.

Get out into the green!
Family happiness in field and garden! Two times country love: One family regularly grows their own vegetables on a leased piece of field. The other family bought a leisure house in the country side.

Supplement with travel special
The special edition „Luna Travel Supplement“ puts you already in the mood for the next family holiday. We present beautiful, exclusive and extraordinary destinations that are perfect for a family holiday. The bandwidth ranges from hiking holidays to pleasure holidays for young and old up to adventure trips and sports holidays.

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The new Luna mum has arrived!

The new Luna mum has arrived!

Spring is coming! With the new edition we are looking forward to warmer weather, show the most beautiful spring looks for mum and baby, have captured the beauty novelties and provide fitness tips for pregnant women.
The marriage season will start soon and so that you can make a good figure – whether as a bride or as a guest – we have created charming styles. In addition, Natalie Portman talks about her role of “Jackie”, occasional self-doubt and how motherhood has changed her life.

Denim & Flower Power: New Looks for Pregnant Women!
Flowering times are coming, because spring is not far away. In the new issue, we get the proof: Denim also works wonderfully with baby belly.

When is the right time for a baby?
This question can not be answered generally. We talked with mothers about their decision and asked a sociologist about the topic.

Pregnancy Myths: What is it?
Mental tales about pregnancy and childbirth are really sustainable. We present the most popular myths and asked experts, which of them are through and which are wrong.

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