The new Luna mum 24 is out now!

The new Luna mum 24 is out now!

In our winter edition we show gift ideas for the whole family and present festive outfits for pregnant women, which make you want to go out. Further more we had the pleasure to meet Emma Heming-Willis, who talked with us about her turbulent everyday family life and tells us how husband Bruce Willis is doing his job as father of only daughters.

The new winter fashion
Warm knitted pullover and soft cashmere fabrics invite to cuddle. In the new edition we show the fashion highlights for moms and babies in the cold wintertime.

Beauty for pregnant woman
If you’re pregnant a lot of things change – also the beauty routine? That’s what we wanted to find out and asked pregnant woman and mothers. They have told us their care tips and present their favorite products.

Basic equipment for babies
Whether buggies, diaper bags, car seats or baby carriers – there are a lot of purchasing choices, which parents have to make. We looked at the innovations for 2017 and show a selection of the most beautiful, practical and essential products for parents and babies.

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