The new Luna mum 22 has arrived!

The new Luna mum 22 has arrived!

Lightsome styles for mom and minis, summery favorite scents and recipes for smoothies and pulp – find all of this in the new edition of mum. Right at vacation season we present buggies and baby carriers as well as a test as to which buggy fits best into the trunk.

Plus: Looking for a little time out? We share with you where pregnant women recharge their batteries and relax before they give birth to the child. We have tips for parents for a weekend trip without children.

Heatwave: What to do when it’s super-hot? Jetting to a lake, of course! In voluminous maxi dresses that floatingly swirl around the baby belly, romantic hippie looks and cool classics in the style of the 70s, pregnant women and mothers cut quite a fine figure. In addition: We pack the suitcase to take off to our favorite destinations in the sun and show what should absolutely not be missed in the luggage.

Liv Tyler in an interview: In early summer the American actress expects her third child. Even though she rarely talks about her private life and her relationship status, with mum she spoke about the – according to her totally unglamorous – wedding proposal of her fiancé Dave Gardner and his daddy qualities. The 38-year-old divulges how she experienced the birth of her older children and what almost exasperated her in the first period as a mother.

Always those self-doubts: Women are great at belittling themselves. The same goes for author Birte Plöger. In the business world it is called the impostor phenomenon: people who are convinced that they have no idea and always live with the anxiety to be exposed as impostors; no matter the success. Why especially mother are troubled with exaggerated doubts and how to get over the anxiety to fail – now in this edition!

Fathers on parental leave: Only 30 percent of men make use of the offer to take a break from work to take care of the baby. Most of them do only take two months off and trade meetings for the playground and overtime for diapers. We give men the chance to speak are currently on parental leave and an expert explains how the new work and support model should be promoted through the ‘ElterngeldPlus’ (a new model of parental benefit).

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