The new Luna mum 21 has arrived

The new Luna mum 21 has arrived

Spring, where are you? Next to ten crispy reasons why we are so excited for spring, we present refreshing fashion, jar salads and colorful makeup in the new Luna mum. In general, beauty plays a major role in the new issue. Scarlett Johannsson talks about her daily beauty routine and divulges her most important care products.

Plus: fantastic serums and a plea against the weight loss madness of the post baby body.

Pregnancy chic: office outfits neither have to be conventional nor boring – neither with a baby belly. We illustrate how beautifully experimental pregnant women can attract attention to their belly with witty combinations. On top of that: playful ruffles or slacky denim – we have the trendy looks for you to copy.

It is time to get married: The wedding season is about to start and to make sure that everything goes perfectly well on that special day, we tracked down the most gorgeous wedding dresses and, of course, models that offer space for a baby belly. We put together a variety of festive outfits and gallant accessories for large and small guests.

Traveling during parenting: More and more couples take parental leave together. Providing that both partners are off at the same time, a longish vacation with the baby is a great option – gladly also a little farther. Be it Austria, Algarve or Thailand – there are numerous destinations that are suitable to travel to with small kids. Luna mum presents five favorite picks.

Happy without meat: What should I eat? And especially: What am I still allowed to eat? Many mothers-to-be are very occupied with nutrition. Particularly when they are on a vegetarian or vegan diet. How a diet for pregnant women can look like and which nutritional supplements are necessary – now in this edition.

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