The new Luna 55 has arrived!

The new Luna 55 has arrived!

We cannot wait to parade our colorful spring wardrobe. Read about the most important trends in the new Luna. More topics in this issue: We have a travel tip to the French Atlantic Island Yeu that is going to arise your wanderlust and actress Gal Godot answers question in an interview.

The new fashion: Soft pastels make the dull gray of big cities more colorful, warm earth colors are mixed with gentle blue and pink. The new children’s fashion makes us cheerful and creates an appetite for the warm season. Moreover: all-over prints and ethnic looks cannot be missed in springtime.

Childhood 2050: Do we live in huge cities, without room for green areas and playgrounds, the streets dominated by self-driving cars? Does courtesy still exist? What are the upcoming fashion innovations? Luna takes a look into the future and asked the experts how life with children will look like in 2050.

Ready for school: Before the kids can be send to school in summer, a suitable desk is needed. Our favorite picks? Now in this issue. Plus: What does the perfect school bag have to offer? We picked models that are ergonomic, practical and pretty.

Searching for a partner: Are you a single parent? In most cases this means: There is no time left to get to know somebody. Be it self-hypnosis, blind dates or ghostwriting – our author tested different strategies for single mothers.

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The new Luna mum 21 has arrived

The new Luna mum 21 has arrived

Spring, where are you? Next to ten crispy reasons why we are so excited for spring, we present refreshing fashion, jar salads and colorful makeup in the new Luna mum. In general, beauty plays a major role in the new issue. Scarlett Johannsson talks about her daily beauty routine and divulges her most important care products.

Plus: fantastic serums and a plea against the weight loss madness of the post baby body.

Pregnancy chic: office outfits neither have to be conventional nor boring – neither with a baby belly. We illustrate how beautifully experimental pregnant women can attract attention to their belly with witty combinations. On top of that: playful ruffles or slacky denim – we have the trendy looks for you to copy.

It is time to get married: The wedding season is about to start and to make sure that everything goes perfectly well on that special day, we tracked down the most gorgeous wedding dresses and, of course, models that offer space for a baby belly. We put together a variety of festive outfits and gallant accessories for large and small guests.

Traveling during parenting: More and more couples take parental leave together. Providing that both partners are off at the same time, a longish vacation with the baby is a great option – gladly also a little farther. Be it Austria, Algarve or Thailand – there are numerous destinations that are suitable to travel to with small kids. Luna mum presents five favorite picks.

Happy without meat: What should I eat? And especially: What am I still allowed to eat? Many mothers-to-be are very occupied with nutrition. Particularly when they are on a vegetarian or vegan diet. How a diet for pregnant women can look like and which nutritional supplements are necessary – now in this edition.

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Launch of the new digital b2b platform

Launch of the new digital b2b platform

The new website is online and complements the trade magazine Luna Journal and presents a b2b platform for children’s fashion-, and nursery-industry. informs quickly and up-to-date about the happenings of the national and international markets. The new website offers readers with the related weekly newsletter in german and english a wide portfolio for industry insiders, developer and opinion makers: News about the development in the market, trend reports, company news, references about the latest insights in the market research, changes in the counter retail as well as in the online retail, product news and much more. With worldwide over 40.000 relevant newsletter recipients is one of the largest national and international service providers.